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As part of the country participation in the 26th Conference of the Parties COP26, Ecuador organized the 4th Virtual Climate Business Roundtable, which took place from November 8 to 10. The main objective of this business roundtable was to provide a platform to visualize, promote and articulate financing for projects and investment initiatives related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The event was carried out through a virtual platform, which hosted the information and generated interaction between proponents and financiers. A total of 913 people were registered from around 20 countries, in addition to Ecuador, including the United States, Spain, Germany, Monaco and China. During the three-day event, 237 people visited the platform and 23 bilateral negotiation meetings were held. Nearly 20 public and private institutions submitted 38 projects that added up to a financial portfolio of approximately US$3 billion. The project portfolio was sent to more than 50 financing institutions such as multilaterals, private and public banks, cooperation agencies, investment funds, representatives of climate funds, foundations, and embassy representatives.

During the opening event, Matilde Mordt, Resident Representative of UNDP, congratulated the Government of Ecuador for its vision and dedication in organizing this space for the articulation of climate finance, as a strategic event of the Ecuadorian delegation in Glasgow and a further demonstration of the country's commitment to climate action.

Christian López, Coordinator of the NDC Support Programme in Ecuador, presented the strategy that the project has been executing to support the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution, as well as to raise its climate ambition.

“The National Government of Ecuador, with the support of international cooperation, has made significant efforts to promote the participation of the private and public sector in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Through climate business roundtables and the strategy of articulating supply and demand for climate finance, we have been able to finalize and leverage non-reimbursable technical cooperation agreements, loans and various financing mechanisms for climate projects,” stated Karina Barrera, Undersecretary of Climate Change.

The event was organized by the NDC Support Programme, implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition of Ecuador, with support from the UN Development Programme.

Ecuador's NDC Support Programme has identified among its lines of action, the development of Business Roundtables that enable the implementation of the country's first NDC initiatives. These actions enable an ecosystem of innovation, competitiveness and generation of new sustainable and eco-friendly business opportunities. In this way, the country supports climate action. In addition, the organization of a regional virtual climate business roundtable to be held in 2022 has been considered.

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